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I began writing for myself with my first blog, in 2010. It was utterly nerdy and about the game EVE Online. I never enjoyed writing for assignments, but blogging was fun and some of my writing was, to my surprise, being shared around in that small community. Not long after that, with my growing interest in Parkour, ‘natural movement’, and the ancestral health or ‘paleo’ ideas I started another blog, Primal Ninja. Read more →

The Year in Review, 2013

Before heading into 2014 it’s helpful to look back at the year past and reflect, on both the great and bad things. I don’t dwell much on the past, but looking at previous actions, especially the instructive failures, helps me make tweaks to how I do things. This year I’m going to try using Chris Guillebeau’s format for running an annual review, which starts with asking two simple questions: 1) what went well this year? Read more →

Playin' with rocks (video - mostly)

And moments later a giant splash was heard over the cliffs. Hah, riight, that totally happened. I spent most the majority of my time in both Iceland and Ireland in or near nature. Sure, the contrast between the two is stark: after Iceland’s tree-less volcanic landscape arriving in Ireland felt as if I’d just wandered into the Amazon by accident; so verdant. Still, in each case I was able to be in contact with the land almost continuously. Read more →

More (quick) fun with bike racks plus some progress videos

So many bikes even GPS won't help you find yours. Angry Dutchmen could be hazardous to your health too, so no playing here. :( Bike racks are everywhere; they come in all sorts of shapes too. Lots of possibilities for movement, if the bike racks aren’t being used much for their actual purpose, anyhow. I got lucky in Galway earlier last week and found a set of at the local university, blissfully empty thanks to the dearth of students during the summer. Read more →

Videos: Slippery when wet (doesn't stop us)

The rain this weekend had torpedoed some of my more ambitious video plans that I had in mind. I was feeling frustrated, so I went for a walk and remembered this playground I had found a few weeks back…but completely forgotten about. I resolved to record whatever I did there, even if it was wet. Worst case I would see if I could make my hoodie into a ghetto rain shield for my camera. Read more →

Four Years

One of the earlier photos from training. At least a year after I begun. Before that I dodged pictures too well. It all started with a Youtube video; that’s a story you’ll hear often when you ask long-term traceurs/traceuses what inspired them to begin practicing Parkour, and the same was true for me. I get the feeling that most jump straight into trying Parkour out for themselves after that bolt of inspiration. Read more →

Reflections on 2012

Wow. What a crazy and amazing year it has been; without a doubt my best year to date. Because 2012 was the first year (half-year, really) of this site I don’t have any previous “annual review” from last year to reference and see where I stand relative to it. This’ll be more of a reflection on the progress I’ve made in 2012, both for the site and with personal growth. I’ll start with writing and site stuff, since that’ll be quicker. Read more →

Project: Prototype Brussels (plus some online coaching stuff)

“Life isn’t just a sequence of waiting for things to be done.” ~Ze Frank Before I get into the post, you may notice that things look slightly different around here. I made the decision to move the site over to a personal domain name ( There are plenty of reasons for it, but there are two major ones: 1) easier to find on the Almighty Google = gooood thing; 2) I don’t feel like I am speaking from behind a “brand” now (that just felt weird). Read more →

Training in Switzerland Compilation plus online coaching beta launch!

Epic climbing tree, but no good video from climbing on it (didn't have my tripod). :( This video almost didn’t see the light of day. When I was looking over all the footage it was feeling pretty sparse; not enough for a highlight reel, but too unfocused for a uncut training video. I almost convinced myself it wasn’t worth the effort to edit, but I made a promise to release it, so I figured out a way to trick myself. Read more →

Reflections on Switzerland

My time in Switzerland wrapped up a little over a week ago. Since then I’ve had some time since then to look back and compare my experiences there to my collective experience from living in various places around the U.S. I’m just going to hit major points here instead of mentioning every little detail that I can think of. If want to hear more about a particular topic ask in the comments or contact me directly and I’d be happy to start up a bigger conversation about that. Read more →

The Quest

On the edge of the frigid waters of Lake Geneva I have had this vague idea for a truly big goal in my head for a long time, but I’ve been afraid to actually define it. I hadn’t examined the thought closely because even its outline looked ambitious, and I have been trying to reject all my ambitious impulses. Why? Maybe because I thought it was wrong to be ambitious, but really, that isn’t the _real _reason. Read more →

Swiss meat (butchering lamb in Switzerland)

Resisted punny titles and all I got was this bad one. Oh well…right, now to the actual topic. A while ago I read a book titled The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat. It was packed with all kinds of good info, but the best part was the huge section (printed on super nice photo paper) on how to butcher a lamb at home. I thought it would be really cool to do, but I wrote it off as not going to happen because of the expense and tools required. Read more →

Updates from Switzerland, some TGUs, and site stuff

Wow, I must be a terrible blogger. I fly off to some foreign country and then don’t post anything actually about the place or what I’m doing for over a month. Fail. Since I’m here and still not broke or starving thanks to volunteering my time on organic farms (working WWOOF) a lot of my time has been spent just working outside. It’s been a pretty random mixture of stuff so far, heavy on weeding, but with some more interesting work too. Read more →

And so the journey begins

“I really don’t know what happens next-one so seldom does.” -E.M. Forster Today I leave for Europe. I’ve been talking about doing this for what feels like at least three years now, and it’s finally happening. It was a good thing that it took as long as it did, as my original plan transformed from “live in Europe” to something far more specific, and far more interesting, the beginnings of which you see with this website, Prime8 Movement. Read more →

Fifth Ape 2011

Colin finished editing our end of year video earlier this week. It has been a pretty amazing year. Started out slow with some injuries preventing any real progress for a couple months, but the summer and fall have been very productive. Broke new jumps, improved a bunch of techniques, and even learned some entirely new things (particularly the monkey flip at around 5 seconds into the video) that I hadn’t expected to be able to do. Read more →

Jump Broken!

Just a quick post, broke a jump that I had been working towards for at least a year on Sunday. I was starting to wonder if I was stagnating a little in the power department, but it seems not. All about little gradual improvements. Thanks to Colin for pushing me to get it. This puts a few other jumps I have yet to break into perspective…much less far so I ought to have no issues landing them at all. Read more →

Some inspiration to get things started

Earlier this week I found (via Daniel Ilabaca) a TED Talk by TahRiq Almawi that felt like the perfect way to start this blog out. Have a watch: What did you think? There were several ideas that stood out to me. For one, the supreme value of practice (and lots of it) is something I seem to forget at times. It is so easy to get frustrated about not being good enough at some skill, say in my case dive rolls or rail to rail precisions, when the solution is right there in front of you: practice it more. Read more →
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